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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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the lower plane. There is a ^reat deal of suffering ;

there an* thnusands and thousands of people whose

life is of necessity a heavy anti weSrv one. No,
clearly yon should fullow the LorUs of Compassion ;

you would not wish to make their burdens heavier,
to make it in any way worse, hut rather to share
th^se burdens and to make people feel it to be a
better and nobler and more beautiful world.

It is your thought that will affect the world around
you; you can make it either a ^ood world or a
sorrowful world for quite a number of people. Many
of you have been living a life of meditation for a
number of years. Now it would indeed be futile to
think that there can be a cause which produces no
effect.   You cannot imagine that, *with all tins
practice, you have not learned to think a little more
definih"ly than your neighbours who have made no
such attempt. Your thoughts arc more powerful;

it is obvious that it must be so ; and that involves a
great responsibility. Therefore if you should think
un evil thought of anyone, I am bound to say that in
great number of ways it is very much worse than if
an ordinary person did it—first, because you know
better ? vou are, as they say in the Church, (( sinning
against light t>. And secondly, your thought is doing
much more because it is so much stronger. So that
it is a very much more serious matter if one of vou,
who are students, should allow himself to 1^ guiltvof
these evil thoughts. Make the world happier, make